June 23, 2010
End of the Storm

We had tornado warnings today. They were issued while I was at work and we all had to file into our “bunker” during the warnings. And I guess a tornado was sighted here in town. But that’s not my big news. My big news is that George fell down; well at least part did. George is the name my daughter gave the pretty much dead willow tree at the bottom of the hill in our back yard. And George is down. We’ve been waiting for this to happen since the other tree simply snapped and fell in the wee hours of the morning. Of course, that was just under four years ago! Here’s the damage:

Poor dead George   What a mess!   More of a creek than a swamp

So now it’s time to clean up. Do I have any volunteers? :)

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July 21, 2008
Wind Storm

Last night was pretty wicked. We had a wind storm that raged through town some time around 5am. When I say raged, I mean RAGED. There were gusts of up to 98 mph recorded at our local airport. The radio station’s weather gear was reporting gusts up to 80 mph. That’s a lot of wind. Also, there was a lot of rain. I was talking with an intern at work an his parents had a glass porch, a kind of sun room. I say “had” because he said every pane of glass in the room was broken by rain and wind – no flying debris, just rain and wind. There are still branches down all over town and many of them have fallen on power lines. So not only are many streets still closed but there are parts of town without any power. When I went into work this morning, we were pretty much told to turn around and go home as there was no power. (How can computers work without power?!?) That means I got to work from home today (Woo-Hoo!!) As of this writing, there is still a large portion of our downtown area that has no power and there are some residential sections that are without electricity as well.

After driving around town running errands, I’ve come to the conclusion that our street is not hit so bad. However, I’ve got pictures of our backyard and of our across the street neighbors as well, just to let you see what happened just here.

Our back yard to the west  Our back yard to the southwest  Our back yard to the south  Our back yard to the southeast  Our back yard to the east  Our back yard straight south

So I know the pictures weren’t really in panoramic-style view, but hey… I’m not that great of a photographer! Here’s a few of the front yard:

Flag pole bent over  Neighbor across the street to the north  Neighbor across the street to the northwest

The downed flag pole didn’t have a flag on it last night, and still the wind bent it over. Wow. Maxine (our neighbor) will probably want to get the flag pole back up ASAP. And I’m not certain how soon our neighbor Dean (across the street) will be able to get his front yard cleared. There are so many others in town that the tree trimming and removal service people are overloaded right now.

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