February 7, 2010
Losing It

That’s right, I’m losing it. This morning at church is my example. When we left from home, I brought along my “cheaters” – glasses I’ve had to wear to read small print (like in the hymnals at church) since my lasik surgery – in order to make a joyful noise. KC and I went in and sat down in the pew and I realized I had left my cheaters in my coat pocket. (Sign number one that I’m losing it – I should have remembered to bring them in with me!) So I got up and headed out to the coat rack where I had hung up my coat. I saw where I had hung up my coat and began searching the pockets – no cheaters! What the….???? Then I noticed a tissue in one of the pockets, and I don’t keep tissues in my coat pockets…. then I noticed that…. you guessed it…. IT’S NOT MY COAT! I mean really, how bad is that?! It was a leather coat, and was patent leather instead of suede, and was dark brown instead of black, but still… it wasn’t my coat! I did then see my coat, grab the cheaters and head back into the service, but MAN! I’m losing it!

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April 13, 2009

No, I’m not talking about the dirt you put in to fill a hole or to fill in between your house and the drain spout. I’m talking about entries. I’ve left a bunch of them out – specifically birthday and anniversary notes. So you’ll see some new ones that I simply forgot. It’s really bad when you forget about your website for a while!

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August 20, 2008

I can’t believe it. I’ve lost my USB flash drive. (Maybe it’s Alzheimer’s setting in?) It’s a 4 Gb PNY USB flash drive and it had a lot of my WordPress development stuff on it. Yeah, I backed it up about a month ago, so I have a lot of it. However, the start of my latest theme is gone. Also gone is the work I’ve done on my own customized PHP calendar. I’ve got backups of nearly everything else on it in one place or another. I’ve retraced my steps, I’ve looked in all the likely and even unlikely places, I’ve even moved furniture thinking it slipped out of my pocket. All to no avail. I’ll keep looking, but I’m really angry with myself for losing it. ARGH!

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