July 19, 2009
New Recipes

I’ve done some work on my Recipes page on my wiki. A little bit of organization and adding a few favorite recipes. For those of you who like to bake/cook, or for those of you who are like me and like to EAT… check out the new Recipes page by clicking here.

Or, you can check out the new recipes added:


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November 26, 2008
Kitchen Remodel – Before and After

So this will be my final entry. I’m done posting about the kitchen remodel. I thought I’d put these together just to show the contrast. The one thing it doesn’t show is the new ceramic tile floor instead of the old linoleum.

The fridge, before and after:
Fridge before - no cabinet above Fridge after - cabinet above

The pantry, before and after:
Pantry above before Pantry middle before New pantry

Above the range, before and after:
Range hood and cabinet Range, microwave and hood, cabinet

Lazy Susan corner before and after:
No Lazy Susan above, just unusable cabinets Lazy Susan above and below

The sink before and after:
We hated the stainless steel sink before Nice new sink

To the right of the sink, before and after:
Cabinets before over the peninsula blocked off the space Nothing over the peninsula opens the space

The peninsula, before and after:
Peninsula before, under cabinets Peninsula now, wide open spaces

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Kitchen Remodel – End of Day 23

Wow! At last! A usable kitchen! Finished plumbing the sink using a new strainer basket and our old dispose-all. Then installed the faucet. It seemed to be working OK, then…. disaster. One of the slip joints I was using did just that – it slipped… and on the CPVC that it really was designed for! I jumped into action and turned off the main, but several gallons had sprayed all over. I was PISSED! So I went out to Menards and got a proper copper compression to CPVC fitting (that glued the CPVC) for the hot and cold water leads and installed them. Looks good now and it isn’t going to slip or leak.

I’m virtually done. I’ve got the following items to do (and none of them will be noticeable to most people):

  • Two pieces of shoe mold trim at the wall near the fridge, each about 6″ long.
  • A bead of caulk on top of the backsplash of the counter top – I have purchased a little device to make the bead uniform the entire length of the countertop.
  • A bead of caulk between the floor tile and the sliding door to the deck to seal the wood below – I’ve got some colored caulk that will match the grout.
  • Four pieces of shoe mold that will be trim underneath the cabinets to cover up some of my inadequacies of plastering close to the bottom of the wall cabinets.
  • One piece of shoe mold that will cover a small gap between the trim and the wall next to the pantry.
  • One piece of shoe mold that will cover a small gap between the trim and the wall next to the dining room side of the peninsula.

It’s up to KC (and Breezomatic) to decide how far apart to put the adjustable shelves in the cabinets and what items to put in what cabinet and drawer. Here’s the photo of the sink:
The sink is done

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November 24, 2008
Kitchen Remodel – End of Day 22

While it looks like I got a lot done, I really didn’t. First off, I worked from home today and was here when the counter top was delivered. I also redid the plumbing – I had a very slow leak and I couldn’t stop it. So, off to Menards I went and got all the plumbing fittings I needed as well as some longer stove bolts to hold the knobs on the drawers and some Sprechers Lo-Cal Root Beer (it’s the BEST!).

I put two compression fittings on the hot and cold water lines for the sink. This is so I can join the plastic shutoff valves and the copper pipe. I tried sweating the leak away (using heat and solder) but it just wouldn’t go away, so I resorted to the compression fittings. I also have the sink leads on but laying out. I put the horizontal pipes for the waste water P-traps in place, but won’t finish those until I get the sink in. I have the sink in place but only because it’s the best place to store it. I had to scribe the counter top in order to get it to fit perfectly. I still need to run the final bead of caulk. I’ve also put the rest of the knobs on the drawers. Pearl City Wood Products made a box for the drawers and then put the cabinet facing on the front of the box to make the drawer, so it is 1½” thick instead of ¾” thick like the cabinet doors. Here’s the photos:
The peninsula with the counter top and knobs From the edge of the dining room The pantry and the garbage drawer with knobs The sink - its not hooked up yet The counter top from the range The plumbing under the sink - still a ways to go

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November 23, 2008
Kitchen Remodel – End of Day 21

Didn’t have as much time as I’d liked, but I did get a lot of things done. Hey! I went to church today AND we had our family Thanksgiving gathering. Got knobs on the doors; for the drawers I’ll have to get longer bolts to hold the drawer handle. Got all the crown mold up. Got the kick plate down as well. Tomorrow is the delivery day for the countertop!! Here’s the pictures:
Crown mold at the top of the cabinets More crown mold Kick plate

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Kitchen Remodel – End of Day 20

Wow! It’s really starting to look like a kitchen again! Here’s a rundown of today’s events:

  • Painted the splash wall with decent paint made for kitchens and bathrooms. I got two coats on it.
  • Installed the microwave. Had to cut the circuit to the overhead lights as they are on the same circuit. (No, I don’t like getting zapped!)
  • Trimmed out the window.
  • Installed the over-the-sink light. Didn’t have to cut any circuits for this – just turned off the power switch for the light.
  • Installed the face plates over the outlets and switches.
  • Installed the 1×3 rider that will carry the crown mold.
  • KC put wood putty over the errant nail holes.

Tomorrow, we go to church in the morning and our family’s Thanksgiving gathering will be at 1:00pm. I hope to get back home in time to work on the crown mold and finish it up. I’d also like to do the kick plate while I’ve got the air nailer. Here’s the progress in pictures:
New paint and 1x3 carrier Microwave! The window all trimmed out with the light above it - no valance yet New paint and covered outlet Covered outlets and switches nov22-6.jpg 1x3 carrier over the upper Lazy Susan

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November 22, 2008
Kitchen Remodel – End of Day 19

OOOO! Trim! That’s right, I got some trim up. Not much, but it’s a start. I have yet to get a nail set and wood putty to fill in behind the finish nails, but the trim is up over the fridge. And, I got the coat of Zinsser primer on the wall so that it seals out the “drywall” from the paint – I’ll have to get the paint tomorrow. Ran the waste water hose for the dishwasher around the back of the Lazy Susan; the dishwasher is hooked up except for the waste water, which I’ll hook up when the sink is installed Monday. Also, I’ve got the carpet bar down, and shoe mold around the exposed edges of the ceramic tile floor. I’ll need to get some more shoe mold, some window casing trim and some oak stock just to complete the finishing, but it’s really rounding out nicely. Here’s the photos:
The back splash wall is all primed Trim over the fridge cabinet T-bar between carpet and tile floor Shoe mold to trim out the tile floor Dishwasher waste water hose is run

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November 20, 2008
Kitchen Remodel – End of Day 18

Again, not much to tell. After a little bit of sanding, I made everything “primer white” that was “joint compound gray” after I taped all the edges of cabinets. I also did a little trim work but nothing is really in place yet. Tomorrow will be busy as I’m going to the cabinet maker, Pearl City Wood Products, to return some items that were delivered with the cabinets (dollies and blanket-pads) and to see if they will hold up their promise of allowing me to borrow their trim nail gun to put the wood trim up. I hope so; then I can finish up the trim this weekend. If I can’t borrow one, I’m considering buying one.

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