The Joy of Firefox

In other words, “Why would anyone EVER use Internet Exploder?

My buddy at work sends me links to articles on MSNBC (or is it PMS-NBC, as Rush calls it?!) that are in his Outlook 2007 RSS feed, which I have deleted. Not that this article is of any importance, but it’s the content of the page. If you look at the two screen shots below, it’s obvious. Internet Exploder is awful at blocking ads; yeah, you can block about 75% of the pop-up and pop-under ads, but you can’t touch the in-line ads. Firefox, especially with the AdBlock Plus add-on, eliminates the pop-up, pop-under and in-line ads from all web pages. Why would you use Internet Exploder for anything except manually running Windows Update? (My answer is “I don’t know either”)

Firefox Screen Shot: Firefox Screen Print   Internet Explorer Screen Shot: Internet Explorer Screen Shot

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Didn’t Think It Was Possible

I can’t believe it! It’s been found! Check it out here!

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