May 26, 2009
It’s Frustrating

Perhaps I’m getting more like Vo; who knows? This last weekend was filled with highs and lows. The highs: my niece Michaela finished 2nd at the Iowa State Track meet in the 400 meter hurdles; my nephew Nathan had his high school graduation open house; got to see Zach and Jessie. The lows: my mother-in-law broke her hip last week and we visited her in the hospital. Not that visiting her is a bad thing, it’s just that having to go to the hospital under those circumstances is bad.

So I’m at the hospital with KC and I feel like a soda – either a Sierra Mist or Sprite or something like that. So I go to the vending machine area. All I’ve got is a Lincoln so I’ve got to get change because NONE of the vending machines accept bills. OK – so I drop the fiver into the change machine and get five dollar coins. Now I don’t know what it’s like where you are, but around here dollar coins are pretty much useless in vending machines. I figured that since I was at a hospital it just HAD to work, right? WRONG!! The dollar coins slithered right through the vending machine and came out the change dispenser. So now I’m kinda POed. I wanted a soda and there’s no way to get one – there’s only one machine with Sierra Mist in it and none with Sprite. Not to mention that there were no vending machines with Life Water, G2 or any other kind of drink. Luckily, KC had enough change so I could get a soda.

The problem, of course, is why have a change machine that makes change that is completely worthless to the vending machines that the change machine is near? How idiotic is that? All I wanted was something cool to drink and I had to jump through hoops just to get the drink. The other ironic part is that this was in a hospital…. and there was ONLY soda! No health drinks, no juices, no Life Water, no G2, no plain water – just SODA! Is this a way to create more business for the hospital? To only offer drinks that are NEVER recommended by doctors?

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April 9, 2008
Doctors, Hospitals and Other Time Fillers

So I haven’t been feeling on top of the world for a while. In fact, I’ve had a sore throat for about two weeks. Yeah, I did have a cold earlier but it went its merry way last week some time. The sore throat has lingered. Not that it’s all that bad; it’s just that I have to talk for my job. You really can’t provide phone tech support if you can’t talk, now, can you? So I’ve had this sore throat – well a dry, scratchy throat anyway. It really has been all that’s been going on. I’m not really running a fever or feeling bad or anything else.

Well, today I got fed up with that and got in to the clinic. I called about 8:30 and was told they could get me in at 11:30 this morning – what a break! Usually it’s the next day or later in the afternoon. So I get there at 11:30, and honestly the last time I was there was over 8 years ago. I didn’t really know how to get exactly where I needed to go. So I figured it out and showed up at my physician’s office at about 11:25 – not bad, I thought. I had to fill out a couple of forms but I was ready at 11:35 or so…. and was “immediately” accepted by a nurse at 11:50. That’s right – 20 minutes AFTER my appointment. Then, after being weighed and admitted to an examination room, I waited until 12:20 before the doctor came in. 12:20! Then after a quick check of my throat and ears he prescribed amoxycillin. That’s right, an hour later I got out with a 10 day prescription antibiotic! I felt the entire thing was a waste of everyone’s time – mine, the nurse’s, the doctor’s and even the receptionist!

So now I will be taking 3 amoxycillin pills a day for 10 days. All that for an antibiotic!

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