March 2, 2012

I’ve been a big fan of Wendy’s. For a long time. Really. I think they are the best fast-food burgers around. MUCH better than McDonald’s. Better than Hardee’s, Burger King, etc. Anyway….

So I’m going through Wendy’s drive through for the first time in a while and I get my order and drive off. When I munch into the burger I find…. sweet pickles! YUCK!! What moron in the Wendy’s management hierarchy decided to go with sweet pickles?! Why did they change from the dill slices they used to have? I mean REALLY! When you go to the grocery store, you don’t see “hamburger sweet slices” on the shelf; you see “hamburger dill slices”. Vlasic doesn’t make sweet pickle ovals – they are dill pickles and they advertise them as stacking on sandwiches and burgers.

Come on, Wendy’s! Switch back to REAL pickles for burgers! Switch back to dill pickles!

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July 19, 2009
New Recipes

I’ve done some work on my Recipes page on my wiki. A little bit of organization and adding a few favorite recipes. For those of you who like to bake/cook, or for those of you who are like me and like to EAT… check out the new Recipes page by clicking here.

Or, you can check out the new recipes added:


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