October 5, 2008
What Was Lost Is Now Found

That’s right. I found my flash drive!! Apparently I had worn my Ecko jeans for only a couple of hours and had stuffed the flash drive in the pocket. Once I took the pants off, I folded them and put them in the dresser… with the flash drive still in the pocket. I wore those jeans today when Breezomatic and I went to the apple orchard to buy a couple of pecks of apples. When I put them on it was… WOW! I FOUND IT! Breezomatic didn’t look too impressed, however. Anyway, I’ve got my flash drive back! Woo-Hoo!

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September 3, 2008
Back On Track

So I haven’t found my USB flash drive yet. Luckily, when I ordered mine I actually ordered 3 of them: one for me, one for my friend John and one for KC. This was in April; TigerDirect was running a special on PNY 4Gb USB flash drives for $15.99 each. KC hasn’t used hers at all, so I got another 4 Gb USB flash drive!! And now I’m just about to the point where I THINK I have everything on it that I need. I don’t think I’ve got everything on it that I had on the lost one, but it had about 400 Meg free, that means it had 3.6 Gb used.

I still don’t have my Windows Update offline stuff back on it. I have an AutoIt script along with all the updates since WIndows XP Service Pack 2 that updated a machine without actually connecting to Windows Update. I’ll get to that later. Since Microsoft has come out with Service Pack 3 for Windows XP, I’ll have to update that entire script. I also don’t have my own “SuperInstall” which is an AutoIt script that allows me to easily install all kinds of software. It shows me a window with check boxes for a variety of software (freeware and open source) that I install on computers that I work on for others. It then installs all checked software silently and reboots at the end of all installations. It’s nice because all I’ve got to do is update AVG and Spybot — Search & Destroy after the reboot. Both of these scripts made it easy for me to set up computers for friends and family as I could simply launch the script, make some choices and walk away while the script did the work.

I still don’t have all my web backgrounds and my bench pictures, but I’m close. I’ll start in soon on re-creating what I had done for my latest theme idea. And I will back this USB flash drive up regularly!

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