December 27, 2010
Winter Wonderland

Ever wonder what happens when there are spiderwebs between the joists of your deck after a snow/ice storm? Here’s what happens:

This spiderweb is easier to see!  Little harder to see this one

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December 6, 2009
Deck – Day 10

Got a TON of stuff done today, and it shows. You know how sometimes when you are working on a project and it doesn’t look like much is getting done? Well, it isn’t that way today. I got a lot of the handrail and stair rail up today. Also, with KC’s help I got the lattice up on the street side. Still have some lattice and screen to go, but really got a lot of stuff done today. I need a few hours (or one good day) to finish it off for the winter. There will still be things to do for it this spring, but until then….

The street side handrail on the sitting level  The stair rail from the driveway  From the street, the stairs and upper level and lattice  The west side handrail - no lattice yet, but the screen is up

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Deck – Day 9

Made a lot of progress today! Got the entire walking surface done – All of the steps, all of the upper level and all of the sitting level! Wow! At the very least, it’s usable! We had pizza delivered for dinner tonight and the delivery guy used the deck! Tomorrow – the railing and if there’s time the lattice.

The sitting level all done - with a few leftovers  All of the steps done  The first composite post cover is in place  All the upper level deck boards cut to length

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December 1, 2009
Deck – Day 8

Took a half-day vacation from work and used it to work on the front deck. I got all the upper level floor boards down. I got all the two step stringers run from the upper level to the lower level. I also got the middle step in place. I had to stop because I ran out of deckmount. Also, I purchased two 500 watt halogen lights and did they ever make a difference. I worked until about 7pm, even though it gets dark about 5pm at this time of year.

The upper level floor complete!  The middle step - between the upper level and the sitting level  From the steps, the sitting level  The stair stringers - still need deckmount on most of them

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November 29, 2009
Deck – Day 7

Lots done today. I built up the retaining wall at the back of the new cement slab. I then painted the cement block wall gray to match the house. Then I ran the stringers for the steps that go from the driveway level to the deck’s upper level. Of course, I miscalculated the height of the retaining wall and had to change that on the fly to accommodate the stringers. Then I framed in the sitting level of the deck. All in all it was a very productive day.

The stringers with the retaining wall built around them  The sitting level from in front of the stairs  The sitting level framing

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November 25, 2009
Deck – Day 6

Again, not much was done. There was rain all afternoon, so the progress I made was in the morning… after an early rain. I made the most of the 3 hours without rain, though. Got the primer coat on the wall that was previously covered by dirt and got a number of the floor boards down on the upper level. I’ll have to get the retaining wall back in place before I finish the upper part as I fear I’ll be dropping dirt on my new cement pad and don’t want dirt where the bottom row will be.

Primer on the cement block wall  Deck floor on the upper level - not quite done

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November 24, 2009
Deck – Day 5

What a rotten day. It rained off and on all day, so not much was done. I put down the deckmount (check the photos to see what deckmount is). I also cleared out an area and put the pavers saved from the old patio bench area there to act as a landing for the steps off the deck. I did remember that I have a canopy; I won it at a trivia night a while back. That helped as I could work in a small area (6′ x 6′) and be protected somewhat from the rain. Tomorrow I should be able to get the upper level deck floor in place; then we’ll have at least a serviceable front door!

The stairs to the upper level from the front yard  All of the deckmount is in place on the upper level  Closeup of the deckmount

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November 23, 2009
Deck – Day 4

There was a lot going on today. I ordered and poured ready-mix concrete and poured my little slab that will be under the “sitting” level of the deck and under the steps. I also framed the upper level of the deck. It will be a few days before I can build the retaining wall at the back edge of the concrete and then do the steps and the “sitting” level. But tomorrow I should be able to put the “floor” of the upper level down and maybe even do the steps stringers to the ground off the upper level. Here’s today’s progress:

The concrete pad that will be under the deck and steps  Looking at the current retaining wall  The upper level framing

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