Sports have been a big part of my life. I think basketball was handed from God to Dr. James Naismith to us. I also think that basketball is the most fun you can have with your clothes on. I played in high school and college; well I played in high school and was on the team in college – I spent most of my college career on the bench. My career statistics prove this out as I only have slightly more minutes played than games played. After college I played in basketball leagues; my body complains for days when I play now, but I continue to ignore it’s pleas of “No more”. I have a lot of fun; still enjoy playing but I suffer for days after I play. The YMCA team I played on won our YMCA league or finished second every year I played, although all I did was get rebounds and set picks. I still loved it. I also think baseball is still the American national pasttime. There is no better way to have a beer and a brat than at a baseball game. KC and I attend a number of games each summer. I still play slow-pitch softball for our church team – well for the last two years it has been for another church team as our church cannot field a team. I really enjoy the folks on the team (it’s co-ed) and don’t really care if we win or lose. Fact is, though, that we have been a strong team every year I have played with them, but not because of anything I do. We have even won the church league season-ending tournament a few times and finished in the top three almost every year. I like watching football, but tend to spaz out during the many breaks between plays.

My high school graduating class numbered 61. I was on the football, basketball, baseball and track teams as well as being involved in band, choir and drama. (You can do this in small schools!) When I went to college at Wartburg, I was on the basketball team. There, I met my wife, KC, when a friend asked me to play on the intramural co-ed volleyball team – she was also on the team. She was on the women’s basketball team at Wartburg and actually got playing time. It took me about 10 seconds to figure out KC was a good mate for me – I am 6’7″ and she is 6’1″ but we also we had a lot in common. She actually UNDERSTANDS sports. I guess it is because her dad and all three brothers played college football and other sports in high school. She also has an appreciation of music. It took her a couple of years to warm up to the idea, but we eventually got married.


We have been married for over 30 years and I still can’t imagine being married to anyone else. KC is the best. Out of all the girls that I dated, she was the only one I actually WANTED my parents to meet (not that the others didn’t have some redeeming qualities!). We’ve had our ups and downs but I still am hopelessly in love with her. And no, I’m not writing all this because I think she will read it.

This blessed union has produced two children – ZDog and Breezomatic. Other than KC, they are the most important entities in my life. I definitely rate my family above my job, and I really like my job. Our kids have tormented us for over two decades. ZDog is 33 and Breezomatic is 30.

ZDog has graduated from Central College and later got his MBA from Drake University. He was working for four years at ING but now is a database programmer at EMC Insurance. He married J on June 18, 2005. J has been a blessing to our family, especially to ZDog! They have four children (GRANDCHILDREN!!) Little L, Little J1, Little S and Little J2. All are under 5 years old and quite a handful for ZDog and J.

Breezomatic has graduated from Kirkwood College, and works as at AmercInn in Coralville works at New Choices and Maid Rite works at Premiere Estates in Muscatine as a chef.

They get along better now that they hardly see each other than they ever did while growing up. They were both involved in little league baseball/softall, soccer, youth Y basketball, church youth group and school band (marching, concert and jazz). ZDog showed a propensity for sports (being 6’6″) and was on the high school baseball and basketball teams. Breezomatic showed a propensity for social activies (even though she is 6’3″) and was involved in choir and drama. All in all they kept us hopping during their years here, but now they are out on their own.

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