42 Things About Me

Most people put up a "100 Things About Me"; heck, I even used to have one until I realized that 42 is the answer to the question of life, the universe and everything, at least according to Douglas Adams. It also happened to be my college basketball home jersey number.

  1. Basketball is my favorite sport to watch and to play.
  2. My fantasy is to be a 12th man on any NBA team; courtside seats but no playing time.
  3. The Los Angeles Lakers are my favorite NBA team and have been since I was in the sixth grade. I was really pissed when they kept Kobe and traded Shaq and have been a casual fan of the Miami Heat since then.
  4. I believe chocolate deserves its own food group.
  5. I am over 50 years old. (40 gets farther away all the time)
  6. I am 6’7" tall. (And no, it is NOT cool to be that tall any more.)
  7. I live in the hot-bed of technology, Iowa. (Yeah that’s right, Iowa, the home state of the Lockergnome). Lest we forget, Iowa State University had the FIRST working electronic computer (the Atanasoff-Berry Computer) and also holds the patent for the fax machine.
  8. I follow the Iowa Hawkeyes the Iowa State Cyclones and the University of Northern Iowa Panthers, but I don’t live and die with their scores.
  9. I went to Wartburg College and graduated (barely) with a degree in mathematics.
  10. I met my wife while attending Wartburg College and I am still (after being married to her for more than 35 years) completely and passionately in love with her.
  11. We met via a mutual friend, John Cunat, who had asked us both to play on a co-ed intramural volleyball team. (We placed second two years and won the league once – I’ve still got the banners to prove it!)
  12. Our first date was at a bar called The Rendezvous; it was $1 pitcher night. There was a band playing and no cover.
  13. Looking back on it, I knew I was in love with her the first night we met.
  14. I have two children; one is a graduate of Central College and the other a graduate of Kirkwood Community College.
  15. I am the oldest of 5 children; all brothers, no sisters. (Yes, I still feel bad for my mom!)
  16. My brothers all have only sons; I am unique because I have a daughter (and she is spoiled by my parents as the only granddaughter).
  17. I believe in God but I don’t believe in original sin.
  18. I believe that some religions have mangled the message of God to the point where it drives many people away from church.
  19. I believe that God created all we live in but it has been changing ever since.
  20. I believe that having ANY type of sex with another person constitutes having sexual relations with that person, no matter what Bill Clinton said. Besides, it IS called oral SEX, Bill.
  21. I really enjoy cooking and shopping for the food to cook, but I hate cleaning up the mess afterward.
  22. I make great egg rolls. Ask anybody!
  23. And an excellent variety of breads (even though I use a bread machine).
  24. Anyone who tries to scare me to get me to change my opinion instead of showing me facts is not worth listening to (are you listening JEL, PETA, and Greenpeace?).
  25. My two favorite sports movies of all time are "Bull Durham" and "For Love of the Game".
  26. I think every man, at least once, has looked at his image in the mirror and said "Bond…James Bond".
  27. My favorite music styles are blues and metal, but I like most any type of music; however, I believe country music is an oxymoron.
  28. In high school, I was a band geek; I was in marching, concert and jazz bands and made a number of honor bands.
  29. I was also a drama nerd; I had a medium-sized role in the school play.
  30. I was also a jock; I lettered in football twice, basketball twice, track once and baseball three times.
  31. In college, I was on the basketball team – LOTS of bench time. The number of minutes played is only slightly more than the number of games played. I was in the 20-20-20 club: I got in if we were 20 points up or 20 points down for the final 20 seconds.
  32. My favorite colors are earth tones: green, brown, beige. Yeah, I’m plain.
  33. Halloween is my favorite holiday because you can wear a costume and no one gives you crap.
  34. I’ve worn a dress before. (for a school skit)
  35. I used to teach high school. I also coached basketball, baseball and track.
  36. I spent four years as a house-husband while my wife “brought home the bacon”.
  37. I really like my job; and I’m not just saying that because my boss might be reading this.
  38. The first car I owned was a 1967 Camaro leathertop. I paid $400 for it; the rear fenders were mostly bondo.
  39. The first rock concert I attended was Chicago at the Iowa State Fair in 1973.
  40. I was kicked out of school for a day in junior high for wearing bell-bottom pants.
  41. My favorite kinds of food are Italian and Mexican.
  42. Back when I had hair, I had it in an afro for about a year.