Nightstands – Part 2

Well, with the last three weeks of my life being dominated by Neocon, I can now get back to working on the nightstands. I did some things, but I’m limited because I’ve only got a few clamps and there’s a lot of gluing going on at this stage.

I machined each leg first by cutting a rabbet joint to accept the shelf and second by using a roundover bit with the router. Then sanded a LOT. Next I cut a 1×2 down to two 1×1’s to be the edge of the shelf and then cut a rabbet joint in it to accept the 1/4″ plywood that is the shelf. I then glued the 1×1’s to the plywood, opposite sides per day since I only have two long clamps – one of the pictures shows this for the shelf on the second nightstand. Next day I glued the other two sides to the plywood. Then assembled the legs to the box and inserted the shelf. I used screws and glue and clamped it all together. One day later I got what you see in the pictures.

There’s still a LOT to do: finish up the front edge with a 1×2 at the bottom, make the drawer, mount a duplex outlet facing the bottom, install the ceramic tile top, stain and seal all of it. But…. I’m a little farther along the way now.

The assembled nightstand From the back - still have a lot to do Detail on the rabbet joint on the leg Same detail, different view Start of the next shelf

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