May 22, 2011
Nightstands – Part 1

So I’m done with the headboard except for the two to three coats of polyurethane I’m going to brush on and I thought I’d get the nightstands done next. That way I can brush on the urethane on all and not worry about stirring up the dust that would stick to the finished products.

I actually worked on the first part early this week. I cut 1×4’s down to 1×2’s and glued them together to make 2×2’s. You see, Menards doesn’t carry 2x lumber in hickory. I stated this in an earlier post about the headboard. And since I’ve only got 8 clamps, I could only glue up two legs at a time: four clamps each on two different legs, and each night gluing up two more legs (the glue has to dry for 24 hours according to the label).

Today was cutting on the table saw. I cut the 2×2 legs of the nightstands to be even on the glued sides – approximately 1/16th of an inch off each side 8 times. Then I cut the 1×6’s that are going to be the sides, front and back at the top. I also cut a simple rabbet joint that will accept the ceramic tile that will be the top of the nightstand, as well as a simple rabbet joint for the back end of the nightstand. After cutting them out on the table saw and making sure the rabbet joints were clean using a Dremel tool (well, the Menards version of a Dremel tool!), I dry-fitted the parts to make sure they were a good fit. Then it was glue the pieces, clamp them and then run two screws into the back side of each one. I drilled a 1/2″ hole about 1/4″ deep and then continued with the pilot hole for the screw; after the screw is in place, I glued a plug to cover the hole. Right now, the plugs stick out but they’ll be sanded later. Lots of stuff to do before then.

And now… the photos:

Just clamped down with a tile for spacing  The end showing the plugs  Detail of the glued rabbet joint  One leg - lots of work yet on the legs

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