November 26, 2008
Kitchen Remodel – End of Day 23

Wow! At last! A usable kitchen! Finished plumbing the sink using a new strainer basket and our old dispose-all. Then installed the faucet. It seemed to be working OK, then…. disaster. One of the slip joints I was using did just that – it slipped… and on the CPVC that it really was designed for! I jumped into action and turned off the main, but several gallons had sprayed all over. I was PISSED! So I went out to Menards and got a proper copper compression to CPVC fitting (that glued the CPVC) for the hot and cold water leads and installed them. Looks good now and it isn’t going to slip or leak.

I’m virtually done. I’ve got the following items to do (and none of them will be noticeable to most people):

  • Two pieces of shoe mold trim at the wall near the fridge, each about 6″ long.
  • A bead of caulk on top of the backsplash of the counter top – I have purchased a little device to make the bead uniform the entire length of the countertop.
  • A bead of caulk between the floor tile and the sliding door to the deck to seal the wood below – I’ve got some colored caulk that will match the grout.
  • Four pieces of shoe mold that will be trim underneath the cabinets to cover up some of my inadequacies of plastering close to the bottom of the wall cabinets.
  • One piece of shoe mold that will cover a small gap between the trim and the wall next to the pantry.
  • One piece of shoe mold that will cover a small gap between the trim and the wall next to the dining room side of the peninsula.

It’s up to KC (and Breezomatic) to decide how far apart to put the adjustable shelves in the cabinets and what items to put in what cabinet and drawer. Here’s the photo of the sink:
The sink is done

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