November 24, 2008
Kitchen Remodel – End of Day 22

While it looks like I got a lot done, I really didn’t. First off, I worked from home today and was here when the counter top was delivered. I also redid the plumbing – I had a very slow leak and I couldn’t stop it. So, off to Menards I went and got all the plumbing fittings I needed as well as some longer stove bolts to hold the knobs on the drawers and some Sprechers Lo-Cal Root Beer (it’s the BEST!).

I put two compression fittings on the hot and cold water lines for the sink. This is so I can join the plastic shutoff valves and the copper pipe. I tried sweating the leak away (using heat and solder) but it just wouldn’t go away, so I resorted to the compression fittings. I also have the sink leads on but laying out. I put the horizontal pipes for the waste water P-traps in place, but won’t finish those until I get the sink in. I have the sink in place but only because it’s the best place to store it. I had to scribe the counter top in order to get it to fit perfectly. I still need to run the final bead of caulk. I’ve also put the rest of the knobs on the drawers. Pearl City Wood Products made a box for the drawers and then put the cabinet facing on the front of the box to make the drawer, so it is 1½” thick instead of ¾” thick like the cabinet doors. Here’s the photos:
The peninsula with the counter top and knobs From the edge of the dining room The pantry and the garbage drawer with knobs The sink - its not hooked up yet The counter top from the range The plumbing under the sink - still a ways to go

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