November 22, 2008
Kitchen Remodel – End of Day 19

OOOO! Trim! That’s right, I got some trim up. Not much, but it’s a start. I have yet to get a nail set and wood putty to fill in behind the finish nails, but the trim is up over the fridge. And, I got the coat of Zinsser primer on the wall so that it seals out the “drywall” from the paint – I’ll have to get the paint tomorrow. Ran the waste water hose for the dishwasher around the back of the Lazy Susan; the dishwasher is hooked up except for the waste water, which I’ll hook up when the sink is installed Monday. Also, I’ve got the carpet bar down, and shoe mold around the exposed edges of the ceramic tile floor. I’ll need to get some more shoe mold, some window casing trim and some oak stock just to complete the finishing, but it’s really rounding out nicely. Here’s the photos:
The back splash wall is all primed Trim over the fridge cabinet T-bar between carpet and tile floor Shoe mold to trim out the tile floor Dishwasher waste water hose is run

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