Kitchen Remodel – End of Day 17

Not much to tell or show. I spent tonight after work sanding the joint compound. I filled in some small “pocks” in the otherwise smooth wall. Then I redid the corners. There are two corners that will be highly visible and neither of them turned out as I’d like, so I sanded it all down and then added more joint compound to the corners. They look OK now, so tomorrow I should be able to sand them and then paint the wall with a first coat of primer (I’m going to use ceiling paint for my primer as I’ve got a lot of it). Friday night will be a coat of either Zinsser or Kilz primer to seal the wall and make it completely waterproof and mildew-proof. Then probably two coats of “Warm White” from True Value, which matches the rest of the wall paint in the kitchen and dining room. I should have two coats on and dry by the time the counter top gets here Monday!

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