November 17, 2008
Kitchen Remodel – End of Day 15

Nothing much to report today. I finished grouting the floor. It will have to dry until Wednesday, so nothing more can be done there. I replaced part of the sheet rock around the outlets. KC now wants to paint the walls. It’s a lot more work now that the cabinets are in place – if I had known before, I would have finished the walls then; now it will make a big mess but it can still be done. Oh well… Also, the guy came in and measured for the counter top. It is to be delivered on Monday next week. I hope that before then I can get the rest of the stuff in place so that we can just drop in the counter top, drop in the sink, hook up the dispose-all and the P-traps for the waste water, and install the new faucet and then… have … a… usable… kitchen!!!

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