November 16, 2008
Kitchen Remodel – End of Day 14

I didn’t post for a while, sorry about that. I’ve just been exhausted lately. Here’s why. Put up the rest of the base cabinets, including the peninsula – that one was a bit difficult to figure out but I did manage with a HUGE help from my brother Al. We had to shim the cabinet from the floor as I guess the floor isn’t level. Put down the rest of the tile floor in the dining room and grouted it. I did run out of grout during that process and had to go get another 9 pound bucket, but KC wants me to re-grout some of the floor. I returned the diamond blade ceramic tile saw to Kevin and immediately borrowed his table saw and miter saw. The table saw will let me rip wood to width, the miter saw will allow me to cut wood to length including angles for the trim. I’ve already used the table saw to cut some blocking to put the final cabinets in place.

Friday, I met KC and Breezomatic and we picked out a counter top. My brother’s wife Sue helped us out as she works for a company that supplies Menards with counter tops and does custom counter tops as well. After deciding color, edge style, backspash style and such, we set up an appoointment for them to come in and measure for Monday. It should be about a week after that when it is installed.

Saturday KC and I went to Menards and checked out all the range hood / microwave combos there. They do have a nice selection. We decided on a Whirlpool model. I’ve got that now, but can’t put it up until the weekend – the microwave is on the same circuit as our kitchen light and I can’t do the wiring in the dark! We also picked up our sink and faucet and new kitchen light. Things are really coming together now! Here’s the latest photos:
The peninsula The dining room floor - you can see where I ran out of grout The peninsula from the dining room The wall cabinets from the dining room The pantry and above the fridge from the dining room New light

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