February 17, 2005

WordPress 1.5. Well at least that is what Matt says on his blog. Also, I learned why the new version of WordPress is called Strayhorn. From Matt’s entry:

This release is named “Strayhorn” in honor of Billy Strayhorn the pianist and sublime composer who worked closely with Duke Ellington and wrote tunes like “Take the A Train” and “Lush Life.” We thought he was perfect to represent the power and elegance of this release, which has been under intense development and testing the past few months.

I’ve dived in to the settings on this and hacked it up quite a bit and I must say that I’m impressed. WordPress 1.5 is a complete success. Congratulations to the entire WordPress team on a wonderful product made even better.

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  • Shadow says:

    I like your personalisation of the site.

    A couple of things though. I voted – it didn’t show up.

    Cannot click to comments from your front page

    Just thought you my like to know. :)

  • Shadow says:

    Also … cannot click on header to return to main page…

  • BillH says:

    Thanks for the info. I hadn’t checked on the header click. I have found that so far there is no working Polls plugin, so it is one I’m going to remove for now.

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