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Free Summer Concert Series

The schedule is out for the Moline Free Summer Concert Series! Unfortunately, they don’t actually have a page where it is laid out in a table format or a calendar style. They do have a page where they list all events going on in Moline here. It shows all the different events, but you have to scroll through a bunch of other events that aren’t a part of the Free Summer Concert Series. So I took it upon myself to put together the events in a table format and also I’ve created an iCal file that you can click here to download in order to merge into your calendar using Google Calendar, Apple Calendar or even Microsoft Outlook. All concerts are on Thursday evenings from 7:00pm to 9:00pm. Bring your own lawn chairs!!

Here is a nice photo from a high perspective of the Bass Street Landing Plaza:


Top social issues affecting the youth

Online you will find many blogs and specialists talking about the social issues of the modern age and how it affects the youth. But the problem of those bogs and essays is that the people who write them look at the topic from a theoretical way and don't even think about going on the streets and exploring the situation. It is not the 16th century that we are talking about, it is the modern age that we live in, so instead to theorize about what is happening and what not, one can simply go undercover and explore it for themselves. Escorts can give you a nice insight into what is happening with the youth today, so you might want to hire them. There are also some other reasons why one should look up a nice lady and spend time with her, but let's leave that for another time.


Why is the youth so fragile nowadays?

Many young people might find it boring listening to their parent's or grandparent's stories, but there is where the problem lies. They are too ignorant, and many escorts will tell you that the main problem lies exactly there. The reason why the youth is so unreliable and unbelievably weak nowadays is that they don't understand that there were much worse times and not everything was served on a silver plate. Almost every escort Phoenix knows it from her own experience, that there are still people who aren't privileged in any way, but that is their privilege, to have a normal youth and be able to distinguish what is important in life. Only those will be able to build a normal life for themselves later, and every escort from Escort Directory will support them to do so. But let's go the issues of the youth, because there are plenty more to come.

Issues won't go away

Another big reason why there are so many social issues affecting the youth are social media, politics, weird standards of life and a whole list of others. The first thing that will come to your mind when looking for difference between, let's say, the 80's and today, is that there are social medias. Escorts will tell you that in no point in the history were unhealthy standards showed down children's throat like they are today. Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and many other apps and websites are making your children want to live an impossible life full of luxury, but without involving any actual work or activity, other than fitness and yoga. Oh yes, they might even go out and get a Starbucks, just like every escort does.


Social issues can be caused by a series of events, during the child's youth, or even due to the parents, or family. But those situations are rare and can be predicted, because they often happen due to poverty or the absence of the parents. However, the real enemy, and escorts will tell you that as well, are the medias that are making your children and our future, our youth, think that it is normal to go shopping every other day. What is most bizarre is that they spend thousands of dollars on things they don't need.

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